Our company was founded in 2012 and is based in Warsaw. We offer professional services, for example: dry cleaning, water wash, ironing, tablecloth, carpet and curtain cleaning. Additionally, we provide a mangle service which has become popular once again. Mangling is completely safe for fabrics and helps to destroy bacteria, which obviously impacts positively on our health and well being. All our services include pick-up and delivery direct to your door.


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We focus on an ethical and quality based laundry service and treat our customers as valued individuals. Punctual deliveries are our key characteristics as we realise time is precious. Through our ongoing efforts we have managed to gain continued trust and loyalty from existing customers whilst our new customer base steadily grows each day. We shall ensure your unironed clothes like, shirts, suits, blouses, dresses, household linen or tablecloths, remain a past. All our laundry and ironing is handled by specific machines and specialised equipment with the use of safe non-invasive detergents. Since traditional ironing can leave fabrics more prone to creasing, we use an exclusive mannequin which enables an extremely hot steam iron, thus leaving the garment nice and crisp regardless of its sleeve size and width.

Cleaned and ironed clothes are delivered with hangers and packed in clear plastic to prevent creasing and dust whilst in transit to your wardrobe. If you wish, we can also fold your clothes ready for you to put away straight into your drawer.


Maintaining your own housekeeping can get hectic, especially with professional careers, together with any academic involvements, and alongside family and childcare commitments. Some stains need to be professionally treated and our company employ the right staff with an eye for detail and professionalism. Thanks to our experience and expertise you can be assured your clothes will not be compromised on quality whilst being cleaned, ironed and refreshed.


Ironing takes up time and hence we provide a mangle service that is ideal for bedding sets, tablecloths and curtains. We know using just a basic iron at home can be awkward and time consuming for such large and possibly heavy fabrics. By using our service you can spend your valuable time and energy on what you enjoy; your career, family or hobbies. It is a pleasure to serve our customers and we guarantee a 100% satisfactory service.


Unexpected stains caused by babies and pets are just a few reasons to use our carpet cleaning service. As many of our customers report, doing it yourself at home can be very problematic and therefore, quite useless. We will endeavour to do everything in order to get rid of your old stains. We guarantee, after using our service, your carpet will be cleaner and fresher; pleasant not only for your eyes but feet too!

Thank you for using our services.





 We deliver orders throughout Warsaw: Mokotów, Bemowo, Ochota, Praga Północ, Praga Południe, Śródmieście, Targówek, Ursus, Ursynów, Wilanów, Wola, Włochy, Białołęka, and Żoliborz.

Free delivery with a minimum order of just 65zł.


Monday - Friday - 7.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.